Drug Testing Agreement



Listen to the story of a young lady who went afoul of the law. Research the underlined words and translate the drug testing agreement. Add the underlined words to a term list. Terms may appear on the written or oral exam. Then, record your interpretation to practice sight translation (an oral translation of a written text). All three practices increase the possibility that you will pass the oral exam. Linguee can serve as a starting point for research.


Greta stole $4oo from her mother’s purse. She already missed over a month of high school. Cash in hand she ventured to the local park to purchase methamphetamine (speed, chalk, tweak, gak, Tina) from an undercover officer. Her scheme resulted in two charges; truancy and possession of controlled substances, a minor drug offense. The local magistrate imposed a year probation and random drug screening. Her probation officer will reassess the case periodically to determine compliance with the guidelines. Any violation of the probation conditions subject Greta to return to court.


JUVENILE: _________________________                FAMILY FILE # _________________________

I, _________________________, understand that as a condition of probation and/or court order:

  1. I am subject to mandatory urine testing for drugs or alcohol usage when requested by my probation officer.
  2. Failure or refusal to submit to drug testing or tampering with a urine specimen could be considered a “positive” test.
  3. Any positive result can lead to sanctions including a violation of probation.
  4. The results of the testing are confidential and will only be released in accordance with Federal or State Law.
  5. If I test positive to an illegal drug, I have the right prior to adjudication to request a retest of the same specimen to be done by Recovery Services of Greater Poughkeepsie. I may be assessed the cost of the retest. OR
    1. I may elect to sign a statement admitting a positive screen after the initial test by my probation officer. My parents know that I may choose this option.

I, the undersigned, have read or had read to me the above information and understand these instructions. I understand that the Court will be informed if I fail to cooperate or provide false, incomplete or misleading information.

Signature of probationer


Signature of parent


Probation Officer                                                                  Date

______________________________                                             ______________________________

drug agreement


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I am an Ohio State Certified Court Interpreter and Certified Healthcare Interpreter in Spanish. MA Translation from The Institute for Applied Linguistics at Kent State University. Currently I serve Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics and local courts.

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