Peter and the Interpreter

SIMULTANEOUS COMES OF AGE According to Mark’s Almanac of WKSU November 20, 1945, commemorates when the first of thirteen Nuremberg trials began to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. The criminal proceedings required interpretation for defendants and judges in English, Russian, French, and German. Hence, the birth of simultaneous interpretation with team interpreting. US ArmyContinue reading “Peter and the Interpreter”

Respect in Plain Clothes

PATIENT PRIVACY, INTERPRETER POWER & EQUAL ACCESS Please view the attached article composed by Emily Lanier, my dear colleague at Akron Children’s Hospital and me. Post your comments below. Thanks. Love and respect 6  

State of mind terminology

RESEARCH, TRANSLATE, RECORD Listen to the story of a frightened assault victim. Research the underlined words (see state of mind below) and translate the testimony. Add the underlined words to a term list. Terms may appear on the written or oral court interpreter exam. Then, record your interpretation to practice sight translation (an oral translationContinue reading “State of mind terminology”


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