WHATEVER COMES DOWN THE PIKE In spite of careful preparation and certification, we health care interpreters can’t know what turn an appointment will take or what topics will surface. Tension inherent in over-the-telephone interpretation increases the difficulty (at least for me). The other day a simple one-month checkup turned into a lengthy discussion of breastContinue reading “Readiness”

A day in the life of a remote interpreter

OPI VS. LIVE I switched suddenly from live to over-the-telephone interpreting due to COVID-19. Local courts and hospitals cancelled in-house assignments for the short term. The change presents struggles not encountered on live assignments: adapting to speaker phones, multiple voices on a call and increased concentration to visualize the phases of a doctor’s visit. LuckilyContinue reading “A day in the life of a remote interpreter”

Land vehicles

Each language and regions names vehicles differently. My first exposure to multiple vehicle types came from over-the-telephone interpreting. The challenge appeared with what may sound a simple word to translate: car. People from Puerto Rico mentioned gua gua for their rides. Folks from Mexico and Guatemala used different terms for the same vehicle. HELLO DOLLYContinue reading “Land vehicles”


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